Proper solutions for energy systems

With the changes of our consumption habits due to the development of new technologies, energy has become an important life source as it has never been before. Because of this reason, the necessity of not only the production of energy but also the monitoring is becoming more and more important day by day.

Nonetheless by monitoring of energy during several stages from production to consumption, the costs have become less in production, transmission and distribution which led to safe and efficient operation and consumption conditions.



SCADA solutions for water, wastewater, pump stations

The demand of water is rising significantly owing to industrial development and rapid increase in the population all around the world. To meet rising demand for water, purification of water from several sources and to monitor through the process of making wastewater usable as well as monitoring momentary changes and controlling the system from remote access is becoming more important each day.



Integrated SCADA solutions for operation safety

By the transition of socio-economic order in our world, settlements have become industrial and commerce centers. People started living in crowded cities which caused the intercity transportation to gain more importance day by day and created transportation problems due to intensive usage. Transportation systems automation is part of solutions which are applied to overcome these transportation problems.



Project based software and hardware solutions

Nowadays control procedures are spread over all stages of production therefore monitoring of production as well as being safe, error free and reproducible are become ineluctable. In industry, simple and reliable production management is only achived by means of proper operation and control at each step of the process. It is easier to increase efficiency in production and to analyse saved data with process automation applied to systems.



Network technologies and telecommunication systems

As a result of increase in transferred data sizes for automation systems and the need for secure and lossless transfer, forced communication systems to expand from point to point serial connections to complicated network structures.



Specially crafted software and hardware solutions for companies

Wide usage of technology increased the need for new software and hardware solutions, therefore systems started to form more complex structures. It became harder to fulfill tasks with general software/hardware that is not intended to achive a specific task as the limit of these softwares/hardwares are forced too much in implementation.


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