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With the changes of our consumption habits due to the development of new technologies, energy has become an important life source as it has never been before. Because of this reason, the necessity of not only the production of energy but also the monitoring is becoming more and more important day by day.

Nonetheless by monitoring of energy during several stages from production to consumption, the costs have become less in production, transmission and distribution which led to safe and efficient operation and consumption conditions.

Tasks such as monitoring of faults that will happen in electric systems, control and report of these faults, collecting of data like current, voltage, power, power factor, active/reactive power coming from the energy analysers and protection relays in the field, presentation of these information as graphical interfaces, reporting of the information, trasmission of the data, which are collected with the help of the RTUs that have been installed in substations, to SCADA systems in control centers and transmission of the control signals coming from SCADA systems to substations is performed by the energy automation systems as we, UTM Automation, establish.

Our company provides services written below about energy automation:

■ Planning of the system that will be established
■ Parametrization of PLC/RTU and SCADA systems
■ FAT tests for PLC/RTU and SCADA systems and commissioning of the said system
■ Preperation, test and presentation of all kind of software required by the customer
■ Consultant services in energy automation field
■ Training about energy automation for RTUs, SCADA systems and communication protocols (IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, IEC 61850, DNP3, Modbus, SNMP)

Our company also provides preventive and protective service and maintenance for constituted energy automation systems. As part of these services;

■ Carrying out preventive and protective service and maintenance,
■ Periodically backing up all the information related with the system,
■ Preperation of reports to prevent probable faults,
■ In case of a fault, intervention remotely and locally to it as soon as possible,
■ Making necessary changes in SCADA and PLC/RTU systems in according to customers needs
are also provided to customers.

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